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For 10 years MD/PT Partners has been the leader in staffing and management for physicians and physical therapists looking to gain revenue and market share. The new name is a salute to doctors doing business together in a synergistic way: physicians and DPTs working hand-in-hand at a common goal. On August 8, 2012 I reserved this web domain for just this point in time.

As you might expect, over those 10 years our program went through hundreds of modifications and upgrades. I found that as people revisited the program a few years later, they just assumed it was the way it was when they left. This was confusing for everyone. So MD/PT Partners is now Doctors of Physical Therapy / DPT and in its final stage of major modification. Thank you for making our joint success possible and please let me know how I can help identify potential in your market. I'm looking for partners and it costs nothing to join. Thanks again! 

         - Doug Sparks